Popular South African record producer better known as Master KG has shared that he started his career as a rapper until things suddenly changed.

According to the Open MiC Productions label manager, he was previously known by the stage name Young KG before he rebranded to Master KG.

At that moment, he was just a rapper with really hard lines, he said.

“I was a rapper before I became Master KG I was Called Young KG my lines were really Hard”, Master KG wrote.

In planarity, most musicians started as rappers but later found that they could do something better than just rapping which are literarily singing and producing.

It is not so surprising Master KG started same way as a rapper.

However, fans have been short of words as Master KG has never shown any sign of his previous genre (rap) in any of his recent releases after suddenly rebranding from Young KG to Master KG.

According to fans, what they always hear in his releases are “Master KG-Master KG” and Wanitwamos”.

This is very interesting as the job has now become very easy for Master KG with limited lines.

Thank you for reading today’s story on Master KG.


By Africa Billboard

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