How To Last Longer In Bed

How to stop fucking for 3 seconds. Dating tips for guys

How To Last Longer In Bed: Five 100% Naturally Working To Help You Fuck The Devil Out Of Her:
  1. Tell your girlfriend to stop moaning: Research from sex expects have proven moaning to be number one factor to cumming quick. Whiles some moaning are fake from from ladies, this sound really affects longer sex since it makes guys ejaculate quick. Just tell your partner to stop that sound. Try this and see the magic.

  2. Use lubricants: In some instances, a Lubricant can help, the stimulating effect of friction or a tight vagina could be causing him to climax/cum quickly. The squeeze method, this is particularly effective when he is extremely aroused.

  3. Keep your mind off Cumming quick: Expecting that sweet end just as soon as you start sex can make you bring a good sex beginning to an end within seconds. The brain controls sex hugely and has great impact on climax or ejaculation so the better you keep your mind off cumming quick, the better long you last in bed and have good time.

  4. Make the lady go on top: This helps you to stay a little bit longer before cumming. According to sex expects you don’t cum quick when the lady is on top of you. Try this.

  5. Pause when you feel you’re cumming and take some time to message your girlfriend’s sensitive parts slowly until you feel you can go for some few minutes again. Repeat this until that devil is ready to come out of your partner and start hitting her g point so that you both cum together.

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