• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

‘Gyimii gyimii’ Fan gives to Sarkodie for being a habitual Intruder


Ghanaian multi award winning rapper Sarkodie has been insulted by a fan over a simple intrusion.

Not long ago Ghanaian singer better known as Kwesi Arthur made a revelation about his biggest fan. It was in a succession of this revelation that his colleague musician Sarkodie denoted that he thinks he is that biggest fan Kwesi Arthur was talking about.

“I’m the biggest Kwesi Arthur Fan I think”, Sarkodie responded.

Well, this was just an interaction with his colleague Kwesi Arthur, but observers took this personal and attacked the rapper for being a habitual intruder for trend.

However, it did not end there. This guy did not go free. As a commander, you do not talk much, you always have followers to talk and fight on your behalf.

As a result, a die hard fan of the Ghanaian rapper appeared shortly to bounce  @AlkalineBack for insulting their King. Here is how he was replied for insulting Sarkodie;

This act of cyber bully has been trailing since the emergence of social media and this is mostly practiced in Africa where legal actions are weak on such matters.

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