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Give Them Space If They Want To Make You Look Stupid, Ghanaian Student Advises

ByAfrica Billboard

Oct 11, 2021

Ghanaian student from the Greater Accra Region, known as Susan has drawn attention to how people take other people for granted for many reasons which some of the reasons are just beyond imagination.

According to Susan, certain people are just characterized with negative energy that puts  others down.

Not withholding facts on personality, “some people are just arrogant, excuse me to say”, Susan said.

In agreement with Susan, it has been noted some people in our communities especially people close to us, show feelings of unwarranted importance out overbearing pride.

This act has made good and positive minded people to look stupid in the eyes of some people.

The Ghanaian student reportedly explained to africabillboard.com that, “no matter how weak, less privileged or disadvantaged you are, you still have someone who will cherish you for who you are. You don’t need to stay around pleasing people who do not value you or appreciate your effort”.

On the other hand, Susan has advised that we should always keep distance from people who give us bad energies because, keeping these people around bring you down.

“A healthy mind is a successful you and a successful you is a happy you. Just have some time for yourself, freshen up and work on your goals. Read your books if you are a student and check on your brand if you do business”.

“Don’t look stupid to them u always have someone who cherish u for who you are👌❤️🔥🔐😉” Susan’s advice to a friend will reporting to africabillboard.com.

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