• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Ghanaians have reacted to Fameye for showing Confidence


Popular highlife-afrobeat musician better known as Fameye has been reacted to after denoting that he does not need anyone to tell him he will be the greatest.

“I will be the greatest and I need no one to make me believe. I believe”, Fameye denoted.

Subsequently, the artiste has confidently shown that, he has hope the future will be a good story to write about.

Believing in one’s self is a key step to attaining success however, most of us skip this. The public has therefore denote that Fameye has proved to them he is a paragon, hence, the best motivation they have ever had.

Moreover, the artiste has been told that the music industry consists of numerous artistes who are great in their specifications hence, he needs to work very hard.

In addition, the industry is not made up of just just two (2) artistes which he will probably compete with the other artiste to become the greatest so it is a big task, the public said.

Despite the fact that few people condemned the artiste’s statement as showing pride, others have included that the artiste has motivated them in diverse ways which has contribute to their growth and development.

The general public has consequently shown reactions to Fameye over his statement and below are few of the reactions;

On the other hand, Fameye’s latest release titled “Mercy” is really trending and streaming. Check it out if you have not come across it yet’.

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