• Wed. May 25th, 2022

Ghanaian music producer Eyoh Soundboy confirmed dead


Renowned Ghanaian music producer popularly known as Eyoh Soundboy has been confirmed dead this morning.

The sad news broke this morning (2nd March, 2022) when he could not attend to several calls and touches.

Eyoh Soundboy who has been the producer of hit songs for mamy Ghanaian musicians both circular and gospel aspects who diagnosed of kidney problem last year.

Primary information which was given be the producer himself at the Korlebu Teaching Hospital revealed that he started feeling sick early last year 2021 in February. However, doctors could not detect the cause of his illness so he managed to work and perform his regular activities until he was later diagnosed of Kidney damage.

The producer had since then been on weekly dialysis, waiting for his family and friends to solicit funds for his kidney transplant.

Unfortunately, monies which were raised on several occasions could not cater for the surgery but rather, went into his weekly dialysis which was three times every week.

Along his struggle for life, he told his wife to give up on him and find means to cater for their three children because all efforts to raise money for his kidney transplant were not encouraging though and he felt dying. This was the information he gave to the media middle of last year.

Its unfortunate the popular producer has given up his ghost this morning.

RIP Eyoh Soundboy.

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