• Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

France Ambassador to Ghana talks about Ghanaian artistes who are popular in France


Her Excellency Anne Sophie Avé who is the French Ambassador to Ghana has revealed her love and interest for Ghanaian music.

Anne has literally said that having a relationship with heads of states is fine but with its own people is better.

According to the government appointee, public figures such as Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Becca, Abede Pele have gone very far and they are well know in France and other countries. Using these people can boost Ghana’s business power internationally, she said.

Consequently, Anne disclosed that their vision is to make sure Ghana is able to operate businesses worldwide so the main goal now is to create that climate for Ghana.

Along the interview, Her Excellency Anne Sophie Avé was asked about the LGBT+ and this was her response; “Ghana is a democratic nation. Why should we comment on a private member’s bill? I cannot comment on this now, but if certain proposals go well, then that is it. I’m not here to do advocacy. You have associations to do advocacy and explain what they want. You have more issues that you need to pay more attention to; the issue of roads, hardships and so on”, she concluded on matters of LGBT+.

Apparently, she redirected the discussion back to the Creative Arts Industry because that was her main point of interest.

She disclosed a good news to Ghanaians that, they are linking French and Ghanaian artistes so that artistes from the two countries can do business together.

After that has been well said, she emphatically stated that Ghanaians should expect some musical works between French and Ghanaian artistes soon.

“We want to create that environment where French artistes can come to Accra and host concerts while Ghanaian artistes also go to France and do same”, she added.

Anne Avé went on to say that they want to preserve the French culture so that Ghana can enjoy France.

On the other hand, Her Excellency Sophie cautioned that we should be careful who we follow on social media. “I have seen comments which are fake”, she said. People fake pictures, videos and voices on social media media and therefore we need to be very much careful who and what we follow.

Speaking about sports, she denoted that her favourite sports is gymnastics but she tries to follow up when Black Stars of Ghana is playing.

Talking about her music interest, she disclosed that she listens to music much lot, but does not really pay attention to who is singing. “I love Ghanaian music”, she denoted.

Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Gasmilla, Fameye and Kwabena Kwabena among few others are the popular Ghanaian musicians in France.

Literally, the French ambassador to Ghana said that her favourite song is “Strength of a woman” by Sarkodie ft Stonebwoy. Also, other songs she loves are popular choral song “Asɛm papa bi a ma te” is her favourite traditional rhythm and Hossana “Yesu adi nkunim” by KODA.

Her advise to Ghana; “Trust yourself, you are good, you are talented. You can do it yourself but if you don’t, someone will do and will do as he pleases.

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