Nigerian musician popularly known as Fireboy DML has decided to show gratitude to his loyal fans by taking them with him to the studio for a recording session.

According to explanation given by the Nigerian musician, it has been a great pleasure having fans who always follow up all his activities. As a result of this, the artiste has decided to select five (5) of his loyal fans for a masterclass of how he does his music in the studio.

“I want to take 5 fans with me to the studio to watch me make music” he informed.

After Fireboy DML has made this declaration, a lot of people have shown interest in his idea and have requested if the artiste can consider making music with them so that they can also showcase their talents.

Consequently, fans of Fireboy DML who already have demos of their own songs have sent them to the artiste for him to have a review of them if they could be selected for collaboration.

In a plenary, Fireboy Boy is yet to respond to his fans and release the names of selected fans for the studio session.


By Africa Billboard

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