• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Fans Disrespect Sarkodie For Asking Simple Question


BET award winning artiste Sarkodie has been unfairly embarrassed for trying to interact with his fans on social media by asking just a simple question.

The Ghanaian rapper who apparently asked his fans to share with him what they look for when they go online was literally given indecent responses which the artiste did not find a good act.

Read Sarkodie’s question below:

After Sarkodie has asked this question, fans came out to attack him verbally in different ways which were very disrespectful to the Ghanaian musician.

Read some of the feedbacks below which Sarkodie got after asking his question:

According to Sarkodie, the web and social media have been good platforms where people should be learning a lot of good things however, few people have decided to go contrary to the social standards on these platforms.

It is very bad and we need to put a stop this. Be polite online to make the experience better and positive, Sarkodie responded.

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