• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Fan Ridicules Master KG After Getting Verified By Twitter


South African music producer and and singer Master KG has finally been verified on twitter with the blue tag and fans have ridiculed him after the long wait.

The ‘Jerusalema‘ hitmaker who has been using his twitter account just like any other person who uses the platform for reading news and updates has now been verified as a professional account user.

It as a result of this that a fan popped up a tweet ridiculing the superstar that twitter noticed he is now using an iPhone that was why they got him verified.

Master KG realized that the fan was just in to have some cool time with him so he did not go hard on the fan but rather, he retweeted the tweet with a response that confirmed he is still using his old android phone.

Master KG apparently explained that iPhone is not a bad phone however, android makes his life easier that is he is still glued to it.

“We believe Master KG doing his job a as brand promoter of android that is why he is still glued to android phone”, a fan’s thought.

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