• Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Fameye: It Has Come To The Time I Give Up


Ghanaian award winning musician popularly known as Fameye has disclosed that he is facing hard times and wants to give up.

“I promise myself that no matter how hard it gets I will never give up” ~ Fameye wrote.

Consequently, he did not detail what he is currently going through but we believe this hardship he disclosed is connected to his music career.

We all know that becoming a successful as a musician is not one of the easy tasks in Ghana.

As already known, many musicians across the nation have always talked about how bad things are in the Ghana music industry.

Though the music industry is standing up gradually, some musicians are still facing some challenges.

In a recent news on africabillboard.com, popular Ghanaian musician better known as Wendy Shay also spoke about similar case which revealed that most musicians are poor  because they have been deprived of some benefits.

We hope the government and stakeholders hear their cries and pay attention to them.

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