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Fameye: I Hope You Know What Happens After Funeral?

ByAfrica Billboard

Jul 25, 2021 ,

Ghanaian singer Fameye has cautioned fellow neighbours to appreciate life and take good care of themselves as they have life.

The “Nothing I Get” hit maker explained that life is the most precious gift man could ever have on earth because the richest person in this world could not even buy it.

Fameye drew to the public notice that when you die, activities of fellow men starts right after you go down to the 6feet.

“No one cares anymore when you are gone, so why would you take your life because of small problems you are going through?”, he asked.

“What even hurt me so much is that of today’s youth. They live careless lifestyle that pose death threat to them. Life is precious”, he added.

At the funeral, someone wants your funeral service to end quick so that he/she can attend to business, so just imagine! Why would you have life and want to lose it?

“You see the way life goes on after funerals? Be there!”, Fameye cautioned.

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