Popular Nigerian musician Erigga has stormed the internet by words which strictly went against ladies who pick people’s husbands as besties.

According to the artiste, there are lot of men around who are freely single, how on earth will ladies ignore them and decide to pick another woman’s husband as bestie? Erigga has defined these kind of ladies as “witches”.

“If you no be witch tell me how person husband take be your bestie?” – Erigga wrote.

Consequently, a social media user with username @queengirl came in full support of the Erigga’s statement on twitter by adding that, she can’t even think far when a married man and an outside lady will be chatting and both will be addressing each other as love partners do.

“I tire oo, Abi make single girl dey chat with another person husband and their two dey use dear for every response, ” how are you dear”, “am fine thanks dear”, “are you sleeping dear, “no am not dear” etc. you say na family friend God punish that family friend“.

As a result, other social media users have come into acceptance that, it is totally wrong for a person of the opposite sex to engage in any form of relationship that are not healthy with married persons.


By Africa Billboard

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