• Mon. Jun 27th, 2022

Erigga: I’m Surprised People Still Fool Themselves Just For Attention


Erigga has drawn notice to common indecent behaviours practiced by youths on social media for attention.

The popular Nigerian musician expressed that he is really surprised that as at now people still dirty themselves by giving unclean comments in the comment boxes of celebrities’ just to get attention from the celebrities and other commentators.

“Do people still Fool themselves in comments to get attention in 2021”

The sad celebrity elaborated that, we started a new decade few months ago asking God for favours on December 31st night that 2021 should be a better year. And while others are seriously learning good things and finding means to make things happen, others still waste their precious times to give silly comments to celebrities on social media.

Erigga expressed that this common practice is becoming rampant and can cause flames on social media hence, there should be a fast stop to it.

He further suggested that instead of wasting time and data to type those lengthy bad comments, we can ask celebrities good questions for improvement because he believes a lot celebrities out there are ready to interact with their fans.

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