Ghanaian singer, rapper and producer better known in showbiz as EL or EL_Gh has made mention of how artistes are so much interested in copying the style and flow of other artistes nowadays.

According to El_Gh, to make classic music, you need to be original that is, 1/1.

“No artist ever made a classic by copying another artists style/flow All true classics are an original 1 of 1”, EL said.

He explained 1/1 as being unique and original in the system where no one can link your style or flow to any other artiste.

EL lamented that many artistes fade quick after making a hit or few because they failed to do the right thing.

“Originality is a key to consistency in the music industry”, EL_Gh denoted.

The Ghanaian musician has therefore suggested that every artiste should try as much as possible to come out or carve his or her own style of music or flow.

“This is the only way you can get the best attention and consistency you want”, he said.


By Africa Billboard

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