• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Do Yours Let Me Do Mine, Sheebah Karungi Denotes


Ugandan musician, dancer and actress Sheebah Karungi has said her feelings and has asked that it shouldn’t be seen as pride or ego.

The Ugandan musician who was known as Shakira in the popular movie “Queen Of Katwe” announced that henceforth she is going to put herself first in everything.

She denoted that this was just a decision she made herself and not by any influence.

Consequently, Sheebah added that putting herself first should not be seen as ego or pride in the eyes of men because she believes that’s her confidence.

She added that each person has a free-will to do things that will help him or her so she is just respecting that nature.

“Hence if you can do what is best for you, let me also do what is best for me too and that is by putting myself first. It is not pride or ego. Its about confidence”, Sheebah said.

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