• Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

D-Black: Ghana Is A Godly Place


Ghanaian award winning hip hop artiste Desmond Blackmore better known as D-Black is never ceasing the party lifestyle.

D-Black who has been noted for his good time with friends and fans has endorsed his country Ghana as a no-regret place to be.

The musician who made a good and refreshing statement about his country stated that: “When you come to Ghana for the first time, you will extend your trip! The peace, tranquility and fun that resonates here is godly”.

D-Black has lived life in the United States before he officially started his music career in his motherland Ghana, however, he has explained that the experience in Ghana is different.

The Ghanaian musician subsequently added that, in Ghana there are a lot of peace and benefits such as interpersonal relationships, smooth running of businesses among others to enjoy, even when you are a foreigner.

D-Black has therefore encouraged every foreigner to make Ghana a target place of visit.

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