Ghanaian gospel musician better known as Cwesi Oteng has revealed that the reason why many are failing to succeed is failure to read.

According to Cwesi Oteng, books have been one major source of knowledge. The artiste denoted that it is through books that people whom we can never meet to learn from share ideas, knowledge and wisdom.

Apparently, these books that have good ideas, knowledge and wisdom are what we find so difficult to have time to read.

Cwesi Oteng lamented that “back at school, despite the various classes and lectures we attended, we found ourselves buying Aki Ola and handouts from bookshops and lecturers. The teachers who taught us even used books. This shows how powerful books are”.

Reading books is a blessing. Even the biggest blessing “The Word Of God” is in book, Cwesi Oteng denoted.

Consequently, the artistes has encouraged that readings books should be made a habit or lifestyle because they have greater chance of changing our lives.


By Africa Billboard

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