• Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Cwesi Oteng: Countless Lives Have Been Messed Because Of Headlines


Ghanaian Christian gospel musician Cwesi Oteng spikes self judgement to condemn the act of making pronouncements from news headlines without reading the contents.

According to Cwesi Oteng, many people have been destroyed in many ways as a result wrong interpretation and circulation of news headlines.

The gospel artiste explained that he has witness cases where news headlines on social media never tallied with their contents however, since readers are sometimes ideal to open links to read, they misinterpret these news headlines and circulate wrong information.

Cwesi Oteng emphasized that this act is destroying many people and careers.

Oteng added that some news headlines are not reality so it is best to always have the time to read the contents before making Judgements.

In the days of social media, always think like a judge. Evidence is everything. Countless lives have been messed by just believing headlines before reality“, said by Cwesi Oteng.

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