Renowned Ghanaian gospel musician Cwesi Oteng has encouraged all men to kill all negative thoughts and say words of blessings upon their lives.

The Ghanaian gospel musician ministered that God has blessed the earth with a lot of good things which all souls are equally entitled to.

However, our weak faiths  make us think that we cannot be great as others have become.

Self defeating talks and thoughts have been a common practice which weakens our energetic spirits of positive thinking and imagery, Cwesi Oteng denoted.

God made it for some people and still doing it everyday, why don’t you believe that the blessings of the Lord can be upon you as well? A slave became a minister, what makes you  think you can not also be transformed? No matter what you are going through, affirm your faith that you have the blessings of the Lord on your life, he concluded.

“The BLESSING of the LORD can be on a slave like Joseph and a shepherd like David. What do you do between slave days and prime minister days or between sheperd and Kingly royalty days? Affirm I HAVE THE BLESSING on my life no matter what you see or are going through today”, Cwesi Oteng wrote.


By Africa Billboard

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