Christo B

Christo B

Christo B
Christopher Bonyinli,
Aiyinasi’ in Nzema land, Ghana
Origin Ghana
Spouse(s) N/A
Partner(s) Shasha Marley
Musical career


  • Song writer
  • Singer
  • Composer
Years active 2014–present

Shasha Marley

Christopher Bonyinli known professionally as Christo B is a Ghanaian reggae artiste born in the western part of Ghana, a place called ‘’Aiyinasi’’ in Nzema land.

Christo B who is sometimes referred to as De Jah Vessel is a song writer, singer and  composer. He is very energetic when it comes to live concert performance and it has won him many assets.

Early life

Christo B  started following  the late south African reggae artist Lucky Dube from the 90s through to 2007 .

Christo B  chose Lucky Dube as his mentor because of his energetic performances on stage and the way he uses to make the audience feel irie to the peak of the reggae message.


In the year 2014, Christo B released his first album titled ‘NO ACTIVE LAW IN I COUNTRY’. His producer suggested to him to take a picture in a police uniform as the album cover.

He went to the police commander to seek for police uniform which the police commander insisted to listen to the message in the music.

Afterwards, the police commander said to Christo B not to release the music because the message was against corruption  and the service of police therefore, the uniform was not given to him.

This action really worried Christo B,  as an up-coming reggae artist, he did not want to have enemies from the very beginning of his career so he did not launch the album ‘NO ACTIVE LAW IN I COUNTRY’. Christo B thought of it and said, this is just a history for the future of a hero man.

In the year 2015, Christo B released his second album titled ’KUDOS TO MUMMY’ which featured Shasha Marley who is a well known reggae artist in Africa and the world.

After Christo B finished the recording the tracks in the studio, Shasha Marley shook Christo B and said ‘CHRISTO,  I prophesize you are going to be famous reggae artist all over the world in few years to come’.

Christo B also featured Shasha Marley in another song titled ‘THE TRUTH IS ONE’ which is one of the tracks on the album ‘KUDOS TO MUMMY’’. Since then, he has taken Shasha Marley as a senior brother, motivator and adviser.

Christo  B  does reggae music for four  reasons:

  • To proclaim the word of Jah into the ears of humanity.
  • To unite people
  • To educate people
  • To entertain people

Personal life and Relationship 

Christo B is a very creative and highly talented message writer and music composer who uses things happening  and situations people are living in all over the world to make his powerful and enjoyable reggae music.

Christo B wants to proclaim the word of Jah into the ears of humanity. “In my life, I need:  Patience, Humility and  Respect”.

MAY JAH BLESS I AND I‘’  we take no bribe in the reggae music’



List of albums as lead artist, showing year released, title and album details
Year Title Album Details
2014 No Active Law In I Country N/A
2015 Kudos To Mummy

By Africa Billboard

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