Jamaican dancehall musician Earlan Bartley, better known as Alkaline has posted a recent photo of himself and wild resting tiger in his apartment.


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Alkaline did not caption the picture  so people were confused whether it is a new music video he is about to release or the animal is really a live pet he owns.

This is rare. “We only see this in movies“, fans said! But from the look of things, the image looks so real and it will be difficult to have photoshop traces.

Alkaline with his tiger pet @manhimself

One thing that keep baffling minds is that, the tiger is chained to a metal, pinned in the lawn. This looks so real!

Interesting Facts About Tiger Cats

Tigers are not domesticated cats. Hence cannot be handled as pets. None of the six surviving species of tiger (another three are extinct) should be kept as pets.

Research proves that people who brought in baby tigers as pets were later killed by the tigers when they grew.

In fact, a majority of states in the US. have instituted bans on keeping any of the big cat species as pets. Tigers are huge, strong, fanged predators that eat dozens of pounds of meat per day and need acres of expensive high-security enclosures.

The risk of attack far outweighs any benefit, which makes tigers not suitable as pets at any age. However, if you are curious, here are some details about what it’s like keeping these large cats living together with humans.

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An adult tiger weighs more than 600 pounds and they are 11 feet long. They have a life expectancy of 20 years.

Tigers are large, strong, and dangerous cats. They have the ability to take down a 500-pound running antelope, they are strong swimmers, and are extremely territorial.

If an adult tiger can take down a matured antelope that weighs 500 pounds for prey, then tell me what it will do to an adult human being that weighs 120 to 150 pounds!

Can Alkaline keep that tiger around? You are the best judgement. What do you think about this? Is this real?

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