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South African rapper Casssper Nyovest has emphatically denoted that Samsung is far away better than iPhone which people want to get hook or crook.

Well, “I used to own an iPhone but then I upgraded to a Samsung”, Cassper responded to a fan who asked whether he owns one.

Cassper Nyovest’s responds:

As a result of the statement above, the South African rapper has clearly indicated that iPhone has nothing better to offer him which Samsung could not.

Consequently, if Cassper has used the term “upgraded” to define his migration from iPhone to Samsung, then he is emphatically saying that Samsung has something better to offer.

Currently, according to those who have tested both phones, the new Samsung Galaxy S21 and its versions are much satisfying while users of the current iPhone 12 and its versions also says iPhone surpasses Samsung.

Users of iPhone and Samsung have shared their experiences with both devices and is what they say:

Samsung users started spanking iPhone users in no time:

That is it! It is all about the preferences and how each device (iPhone or Samsung) solves your problem!

However, one thing we can ascertain is that whether you choose to go with a Samsung or an iPhone, you cannot go wrong because they are all high-quality phones.

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Both phones have advantages in different aspects but they are generally very close.

In the end, let your taste and your pocket decide!

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