Nigerian musician popularly known as Burna Boy has expressed a big appreciation to everyone who made his birthday a remarkable one.

Burna Boy who recently won a grammy turned 30 years on July 2nd 2021 and he has expressed that it was a nice experience for him.

Big love to you all for the birthday love!! I see it, I feel it Black heartBlack heart #BURNA30” – Burna Boy wrote.

However, he has previously denoted a week before his birthday that, the new phase of his life is something he has wished for in the past years.

According to Burna Boy, he never came from a rich family and his father was not that rich as people might picture.

However, he has prayed to God that the new phase of his life should make him a better than the man his father has been.

Congrats to Burna Boy with a big toast to life. Happy Belated Birthday @30.


By Africa Billboard

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