South African TV personality and rapper Boity, took to social media to hype her fans over a mystery project. The rapper posted a picture of herself in the sunshine looking smiley and told followers to stay tuned for something coming in the future. Fans are already aware of what a successful year Boity has managed to have in 2020, with the personality having released her first fragrance and surpassing 4.3 million Instagram followers. So this little hint had everyone speculating about what the good news could be.

Boity was clad in an all-black gym outfit looking like she was either just finished or just about to start a workout. She captioned the photo with:

“Current MOOD because something very dope is coming!! I’m so pumped for this one!”

Boity’s fans and followers descended on the comments to hype her announcement but also to tell her how fabulous she is looking in the photo:

rjsd007: “Boity You are the bomb. Greater times ahead. We cannot wait…”

xoliematyumza: “Beautiful always my Queen B.”

In other Boity related news, it was recently reported how the star had her fans worried after tweeting a series of rather sad and sombre posts.

Boity took to Twitter over the weekend to express some deep thoughts and had her fans worried about the state of her mental health.

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The TV personality-turned-rapper posted some sombre tweets about people taking care of each other and her feeling exhausted, which made followers think she was feeling unsupported.

Boity has been having a fantastic year career-wise. She launched her signature fragrance, Pink Sapphire and she hit 4.3 million Instagram followers, but tweeps were quick to point out that nobody knows what’s truly going on inside someone’s mind.

One fan gave advice about self-care before care of others is possible:

@Aqhamilemolefi: ” ‘Everyone’ should start with yourself sesi, take care of everyone including yourself or must I say ‘Take care of yourself first before taking care of everyone else’, God will see you through.”

Boity’s fans quickly replied to the tweets with words of encouragement and assurance that everyone goes through tough times and that they were there for her to lean on.

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