Popular Jamaican dancehall musician better known as Mr. Vegas has shared his experience concerning career deals and contracts.

The reggae-dancehall godfather revealed that publishing deals that goes on 50/50 agreement terms is a garbage.

According to Mr. Vegas, some deals are worthless because if you should work hard and at the end of the day, half of your earnings should go to another person, there is a weak motivation in there.

Apparently, Mr. Vegas disclosed that even the times that he was ignorant about the business, his agreement was 75/25 (that is, 75% to him and 25% to the publishing dealer).

The well experienced reggae-dancehall musician has hence advised artistes to never accept a 50/50 publishing deal from any company because it is a big cheat.

“Artistes, don’t be fooled! A 50/50 publishing deal is garbage! I have a 75/25 with with two companies, & those deals were done when I was ignorant to the business! Just putting this out 4 the peeps that r interested.”, Mr. Vegas said.


By Africa Billboard

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