SuperSport (South African broadcaster)

Channel logo as of July 2012
CountrySouth Africa
Broadcast areaSub-Saharan Africa
Picture format1080i 16:9, 4:3 (HDTV)
Downscaled to 576i for the SDTV feed
Sister channels
Launched1988 as Sports segment on M-Net, 1995 as a single complete channel.
Former namesM-Net SuperSport (1988–1994)
M-NetM-Net (as a sports feed during important events)
GOtv30-36 (Rest Of Africa)
130-136 (Ghana)
330-336 (Uganda)
DStv200-215, 241-248, 950-952 (South Africa)
200-215, 241-248, 950-952 (Nigeria)
220-248, 950-952 (Rest Of Africa)
601-603, 620-636 & 950-952 (Angola & Mozambique)
Canal+433 & 434 (Rwanda)
Streaming media
SuperSport.comLive SuperSport Streaming online
DStv AppAvailable to Subscribers
Showmax ProLive SuperSport Streaming

SuperSport is a South Africa-based Pan-Africa group of television channels carried on the DStv & Canal+ satellite platforms as well as GOtv terrestrial platform. It provides sports content in South Africa, Nigeria and many other African countries.[1]

SuperSport previously also had operations in Europe in the Scandinavian, Benelux, Italy, Eastern Europe, Greek & Cypriot regions and had sports channels started by FilmNet, being owned by MultiChoice at the time which have since been replaced. They also had operations in Thailand, under the current name True Sport & Egypt and Middle East via Cable Network of Egypt (CNE) & Arab Radio and Television Network respectively.

The channel broadcasts most of the major sporting events and leagues of association football, rugby, cricket, tennis, golf, motorsport, cycling, boxing, wrestling, hockey, athletics. It was formerly the world's largest broadcaster of live rugby and cricket (having been overtaken by Sky Sports), and also the world's second largest Premier League broadcaster, broadcasting matches live and, where possible, in HD through the Premier League's Content Service Sr.[2]

Apart from its satellite channels, SuperSport also feeds content to M-Net, CSN and occasionally to M-Net HD. As of September 2020, much the same way Sky Sports has done, SuperSport started to run thematic channels with most major sports getting their own channels.


In 1986, M-Net was launched as South Africa's first pay-television channel and, along with Canal+, only the second outside of the United States. The channel immediately showed its intention to include sport in its programming line-up, by securing exclusive rights of an important Currie Cup match between Transvaal and Western Province for its first ever broadcast. From 1988, sports coverage on M-Net ran under the banner of M-Net SuperSport.

M-Net SuperSport expanded its range of coverage, including live overseas rugby, cricket, golf, boxing and cycling. Following South Africa's readmission into international cricket, SuperSport scored another marketing coup by securing exclusive rights to the 1992 Cricket World Cup.

When rugby turned professional in 1995, a deal was struck between the newly formed SANZAR and Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation. In South Africa, SuperSport was awarded exclusive broadcasting rights of the Super 12 competition, as well as the Tri Nations. Following this deal, rugby gradually ceased broadcasting on the SABC, while SuperSport became a carrier of live rugby broadcasts.

At the same time, Naspers expanded its pay-television operations to a satellite carrier. With the launch of DStv in 1995, SuperSport became a multi-channel network and an independent brand, although it was still primarily associated with M-Net. The network made full use of the satellite platform to expand its sports offering: For the Olympic Games, six channels are generally used for live events.

In 2007, the SABC lost its exclusive rights to the local Premier Soccer League (PSL) to SuperSport, in a deal worth R1.6 billion. The deal stipulated that some matches had to be shared with the SABC. In August 2011, SuperSport renewed its contract with the PSL for another five years.

Since 2011, SuperSport's association with M-Net began to fade, when M-Net split its terrestrial feed from its DStv channel. DStv viewers can no longer watch sports events on M-Net, although terrestrial subscribers still get feeds on the main channel, as well as the Community Services Network (CSN).

A Premier Soccer League team bears the channel's name. SuperSport United F.C. was originally known as Pretoria City but bought by M-Net in 1995 after which it was renamed.

On August 8, 2020, SuperSport announced a gradual makeover/revamp of its channels, meaning the numbering of the channels since the channel's commencement of expansion in 2003 such as SuperSport 3 would be replaced with specific-sport TV channels which they "enhances the sports viewers' experience" and "makes it easier to find and watch a favorite league, competition or sport". The revamp would be operational from September 1, 2020, onwards.[3]

On April 22, 2021, SuperSport got ownership of School Sport Live and rebranded it into SuperSport Schools. Under the new ownership, SuperSport Schools will continue to broadcast the best of School Sports online and also through SuperSport linear channels bringing it close to their other content. In this agreement, the brand is expected to get a mobile app later in the year.[4]

List of channels

  • SuperSport Blitz HD (South Africa)> DStv Access
  • SuperSport Blitz ROA HD (220, GOtv Ch 30)> DStv Access; GOtv Lite
  • SuperSport Blitz Nigeria HD> DStv Yanga (Nigeria); GOtv Smallie (Nigeria)
  • SuperSport Blitz ROA HD (P) (600)
  • SuperSport Grandstand HD (South Africa)> DStv Premium
  • SuperSport Grandstand ROA HD (221)
  • SuperSport Grandstand Nigeria HD
  • SuperSport Grandstand ROA HD (P) (621)
  • SuperSport PSL HD (Southern Africa only)> DStv Compact
  • SuperSport Football Plus HD (222) (Rest Of Africa)> DStv Compact Plus
  • SuperSport Football Plus Nigeria HD (202)
  • SuperSport Football Plus HD (P) (622) (Rest Of Africa)
  • SuperSport Premier League HD (South Africa)> DStv Compact
  • SuperSport Premier League ROA HD (DStv Ch 223 & Canal+ Rwanda Ch 433)> DStv Compact; Canal+ English Plus (Rwanda)
  • SuperSport Premier League Nigeria HD
  • SuperSport Premier League ROA HD (P) (623)
  • SuperSport LaLiga HD (South Africa)> DStv Family
  • SuperSport LaLiga ROA HD (DStv Ch 224, Canal+ Rwanda Ch 434 & GOtv Ch 32)> DStv Family; Canal+ English Plus (Rwanda); GOtv Max
  • SuperSport LaLiga Nigeria HD> DStv Confam (Nigeria); GOtv Max
  • SuperSport LaLiga ROA HD (P) (624)
  • SuperSport Football HD (South Africa)> DStv Family
  • SuperSport Football ROA (225, GOtv Ch 31)> DStv Access; GOtv Plus
  • SuperSport Football Nigeria> DStv Yanga; GOtv Jolli
  • SuperSport Football ROA (P) (625)
  • SuperSport Variety 1 HD (South Africa)> DStv Compact Plus
  • SuperSport Variety 1 ROA HD (226)
  • SuperSport Variety 1 Nigeria HD
  • SuperSport Variety 1 ROA HD (P) (626)
  • SuperSport Variety 2 HD (South Africa)> DStv Compact Plus
  • SuperSport Variety 2 Nigeria HD> DStv Compact
  • SuperSport Variety 2 ROA HD (227)> DStv Compact
  • SuperSport Variety 2 ROA HD (P) (627)
  • SuperSport Variety 3 HD (South Africa)> DStv Compact
  • SuperSport Variety 3 Nigeria HD> DStv Confam
  • SuperSport Variety 3 ROA HD (228)> DStv Family
  • SuperSport Variety 3 ROA HD (P) (628)
  • SuperSport Variety 4 HD (South Africa)> DStv Access
  • SuperSport Variety 4 Nigeria> DStv Confam
  • SuperSport Variety 4 ROA (229)> DStv Access
  • SuperSport Variety 4 ROA (P) (629)
  • SuperSport Action HD (South Africa)> DStv Compact Plus
  • SuperSport Action Nigeria HD
  • SuperSport Action ROA HD (230)
  • SuperSport Action ROA HD (P) (630)
  • SuperSport Rugby HD (South Africa)> DStv Premium
  • SuperSport Rugby Nigeria
  • SuperSport Rugby ROA (231)
  • SuperSport Rugby ROA (P) (631)
  • SuperSport Cricket HD (South Africa)> DStv Premium
  • SuperSport Cricket Nigeria
  • SuperSport Cricket ROA (232)
  • SuperSport Cricket ROA (P) (632)
  • SuperSport Golf HD (South Africa)> DStv Premium
  • SuperSport Golf Nigeria
  • SuperSport Golf ROA (233)
  • SuperSport Golf ROA (P) (633)
  • SuperSport Tennis HD (South Africa)> DStv Premium
  • SuperSport Tennis Nigeria HD
  • SuperSport Tennis ROA HD (234)
  • SuperSport Tennis ROA HD (P) (634)
  • SuperSport Motorsport HD (South Africa)> DStv Premium
  • SuperSport Motorsport Nigeria HD
  • SuperSport Motorsport ROA HD (235)
  • SuperSport Motorsport ROA HD (P) (635)
  • SuperSport Select (South Africa, only on GOtv)
  • SuperSport Select 1 (Rest of Africa, only on GOtv, Ch 33)> GOtv Max [Resembles SS Variety 3 Nigeria & Rest Of Africa on DStv]
  • SuperSport Select 2 (Rest of Africa, only on GOtv, Ch 34)> GOtv Value: GOtv Jinja (Nigeria) [Resembles SS Variety 4 Nigeria & Rest Of Africa on DStv]
  • SuperSport WWE HD (128 & 636 (P))> DStv Family (South Africa), DStv Compact (Rest Of Africa)
  • SuperSport Máximo 1 HD (241) (Portuguese Channel)> DStv Premium
  • SuperSport Máximo 1 HD (P) (601) (Portuguese Channel. Rest of Africa only)
  • SuperSport Máximo 2 HD (242) (Portuguese Channel. Rest of Africa only)> DStv Premium
  • SuperSport Máximo 2 HD (P) (602) (Portuguese Channel. Rest of Africa only)
  • SuperSport Máximo 360 (Portuguese Channel. Available in Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique only, DStv Ch 603, GOtv Ch 36)> GOtv Plus
  • SuperSport CSN (490) (M-Net Terrestrial, South Africa only)
  • SuperSport Play (243) (Southern Africa only)》DStv Free To View
  • SuperSport OTT (244) (DStv App)
  • SuperSport OTT 1 (245) (DStv App)
  • SuperSport OTT 2 (246) (DStv App)
  • SuperSport OTT 3 (247) (DStv App)
  • SuperSport OTT 4 (248) (DStv App)
  • SuperSport OTT 6 (950) (DStv App)
  • SuperSport OTT 7 (951) (DStv App)
  • SuperSport OTT 8 (952) (DStv App)

SuperSport Blitz (200)

SuperSport Blitz, formerly known as SuperSport Update, was launched on 1 October 2006 & remains undoubtedly to be Africa's premier dedicated 24-hour sports news channel featuring the latest news, features, announcements, highlights, previews & sporting events all around the world. For some hours it relays Sky Sports News live from the UK.

SuperSport Grandstand (201)

SuperSport's top channel which features the best of the day's live content including top events from tennis, rugby, cricket and live WWE pay-per-views. This channel is only available to DStv Premium subscribers.

SuperSport PSL (202)

SuperSport PSL focuses mainly on domestic soccer matches in South Africa and other African countries through live broadcasts, magazine shows and highlights. They now show Premier Soccer League (PSL) matches every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday as part of their "Super Diski" shows. The channel also shows many PSL themed news and talk shows under the "PSL TV" brand. These shows air at least one new show nightly. They include Extra Time, Back Pages, Mzansi Legends, National First Division Show, PSL News, Thursday Night Live With Robert Marawa, Love PSL and various club magazine shows. All local matches have Zulu and Sesotho commentary.

As this channel is locally oriented (South Africa), it is included on the Compact bouquet for Southern African viewers.

SuperSport Football Plus (202)

SuperSport Football Plus is a 24-hour dedicated football/soccer channel, specifically made for as the new home of UEFA Champions League for ROA Viewers alongside featured soccer documentaries, shows, news & matches. It also acts as a soccer overflow channel broadcasting other live fixtures when other SuperSport channels are occupied with live events.

This channel is available for Nigeria (Ch. 202) & The Rest of African (ROA》Ch. 222/622) audiences on the DStv Compact Plus package.

SuperSport Premier League (203)

SuperSport Premier League is a 24-hour football/soccer channel. SuperSport has the exclusive rights of telecasting the Premier League, UEFA Champions League & UEFA Europa League (For South African Viewers), and other major football tournaments. It is available on the DStv Compact & Canal+ English Plus (Rwanda) packages.

SuperSport La Liga (204)

Home of the Spanish La Liga while also showcasing overflow matches from the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

In South Africa & The Rest of Africa, The channel is available to DStv Family customers, as well as DStv Confam (Nigeria), GOtv Max (Nigeria & ROA) & Canal+ English Plus (Rwanda)

SuperSport Football (205)

Primarily showcases Italy's Serie A while also broadcasting matches from the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, and selected international matches. The channel is available for DStv Family and upper packages in South Africa

The Nigerian & ROA Channel usually broadcasts delayed as well as a select number of live matches from the English Premier League, La Liga, Italian Serie A and the Premier Soccer League (PSL) as well as 1st priority UEFA Europa League matches. The channel is available for DStv Access and GOtv Plus for Rest Of Africa customers & DStv Yanga and GOtv Jolli for Nigerian customers.

SuperSport Variety 1 (206)

Variety 1 focuses on cycling and swimming events while also functioning as an overflow channel for soccer, golf, tennis, rugby and cricket events.

As the channel includes involvement with overflow content with rugby, tennis and other Premium sports, the channel is available to DStv Compact Plus customers in South Africa & The Rest Of Africa (incl. Nigeria)

SuperSport Variety 2 (207)

Variety 2 features gymnastics, hockey, sailing and squash events while also functioning as an overflow channel for soccer matches.

The channel is available to DStv Compact Plus (South Africa) & DStv Compact (Nigeria & Rest Of Africa) customers as part of the offering SuperSport gives

SuperSport Variety 3 (208)

Variety 3 broadcasts athletics events, marathons, UEFA Europa Conference League, live WWE & UFC programming including pay-per-view events, and also functions as an overflow for some soccer matches from the PSL, Premier League & UEFA Champions League for South African viewers. The channel is available for DStv Compact subscribers.

With the exclusion of overflow PSL, Premier League & UEFA Champions League matches as well as live WWE & UFC PPVs for Nigeria & Rest Of African audiences, the channel primarily broadcasts Italian Serie A as well as Ethiopian football & WWE Repeats. The channel, which also resembles Select 1 for GOtv subscribers, is available for DStv Confam (Nigeria), DStv Family & GOtv Max subscribers.

SuperSport Variety 4 (209)

Variety 4 focuses on grassroot sports including varsity rugby, netball, BNL, DStv Diski Challenge, SRC, as well as WWE highlights in South Africa. The channel is offered under the DStv Access package.

For Nigeria & ROA audiences (Channel resembles Select 2 on GOtv), it focuses on African sports including live football from Zambia & South Africa (PSL), magazine & variety shows as well as WWE highlights. The channel is offered under the DStv Access and GOtv Value packages for ROA & DStv Confam and GOtv Jinja in Nigeria.

SuperSport Action (210)

SuperSport Action broadcasts a range of extreme sports as well as major boxing matches, UFC and EFC mixed martial arts programming and overflow content from rugby, soccer and cricket.

Available to DStv Compact Plus customers

SuperSport Rugby (211)

SuperSport Rugby is the channel which focuses mainly on rugby. It shows all national team rugby matches live, as well as all Super Rugby fixtures, the Currie Cup, Varsity Rugby and certain top high school and club matches. Most matches have commentary in both English and Afrikaans, with a growing number also featuring a Xhosa feed.[5]

As the world's second largest broadcaster of live rugby, SuperSport's commentators read like a "who's who" of South African rugby greats. Current lead commentators in English are Matthew Pearce, Hugh Bladen, Gavin Cowley, Owen Nkumane and Paul Stubbs, while their analyst pool includes Joel Stransky, Gcobani Bobo, Bobby Skinstad, Breyton Paulse, Nick Mallett, Ashwin Willemse, Kobus Wiese, Victor Matfield, Jean de Villiers and Naas Botha.

As a large broadcaster with expensive rights to the sport, the channel is exclusively on DStv Premium.

SuperSport Cricket (212)

SuperSport Cricket primarily shows Cricket. All international cricket involving the South African national cricket team, as well as certain domestic cricket, is shown on this channel. The presentation and commentary team who cover South African home games include Mark Nicholas, Mike Haysman, Pommie Mbangwa, Michael Holding, Shaun Pollock, Makhaya Ntini, JP Duminy and guest pundits from the opposition team.

The channel is also available only on DStv Premium

SuperSport Golf (213)

SuperSport Golf is the home of the majors with coverage of the PGA tour and other major golfing events including the Open, The Masters and many more.

This channel is available only on DStv Premium

SuperSport Tennis (214)

SuperSport Tennis is a 24-hour dedicated tennis channel showcasing live tennis from Grand Slams to the ATP World Tour, WTA & other major tennis events.

Available to DStv Premium customers

SuperSport Motorsport (215)

SuperSport Motorsport features live and archive content from the world of motorsports including Formula 1, MotoGP, Superbikes, Formula E, NASCAR and more.

Exclusive to DStv Premium

SuperSport WWE (128)

In addition to the WWE Network being made locally available, SuperSport's WWE channel features live broadcasts of WWE's flagship programming of WWE Raw and WWE SmackDown, along with additional WWE Network content including pay-per-view events, WWE NXT, WWE 24, WWE Ride Along and more.

SuperSport Maximo (241)

SuperSport Maximo is the Portuguese-language channel broadcasting the same events from the other SuperSport channels. It is available mainly in the countries of Lusophone Africa, but also in other African countries including South Africa.

Broadcasting rights

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Professional Wrestling


As of 17 January 2019 started broadcasting UFC pay-per-view events live .

It also earned the rights for EFC events starting from March, 2019.

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