So many people have been destroyed by love because they failed to move on. If the one you love does not love you its a hell on earth.

Sometimes women know very well that they are not being honest but they will go to the extent of crying because they know that makes you weak or trust them.

Women are very smart and it is very difficult for you to detect when they are playing games with you. Being a woman, I’m going to reveal to you some common games that shows she is never interested in you.

1. She does not call or text

Someone who really loves you can’t stay a moment without hearing from you or seeing you. Naturally, we want to hear from people we love every moment of our lives because their absence is nothing but hell.

But in the situation where she doesn’t call or text, could this be classified as love? When she doesn’t call or text and you ask why she does that, she will tell you she does not have airtime or data. Right? She can go offline for more than two days just to make you believe what she said.

She will use this as an opportunity to ask or make you to send her airtime or data, but you’ll never be one of the people who will enjoy it.

A girl who truly loves you will borrow airtime or ask for airtime from friends and family just to talk to you because she is missing you.

On the other hand, when the girl does not call, answer your call, text or reply your message then you are not one of the people she is expecting that day. When someone truly loves you, no matter how busy she is with activities she will still answer your call and talk to you while she still performs her activities.

In critical cases, she might text you to inform you that she is very tight or at unconducive place for calls so she will call immediately she gets home. With this, she has shown respect and has regarded you as well. It is a good sign that she wants to have a full sound time with you on phone.

Though she might love you, sometimes she might be at a place where talking to you will pose threat to her other relationship because she is seeing someone else as well so she can’t speak on phone.

One thing you should also know is that when she is not into you, she will never border to call you until you do.

And when she misses your call, she will either flash you or call you and ask you to call back. Trust me, she calls someone and talk for hours with her own airtime.

When you call her and she is on another call and for minutes or hours she doesn’t call back, then the real person she gives love is around.

Also, when you are speaking with her on phone and she gives excuses that she wants to do something, go somewhere or tired and want to have some rest, it is likely that she is expecting someone to call her at that time but doesn’t want the person to notice she is on another call, or someone dear is calling the moment she was talking to you or she simply does not want to speak to you.

2. She asks rather than gives

Beware of girls who start demanding items from you at the very start of the journey. Someone who is really into you cares and is ready to do anything for you, not what you can do for them.

These kind of girls make you aware from the beginning that they come from a poor home or is facing challenges. This is a trick to make you fall for their requesting habits because they know you are deeply in love with them and you can’t ignore their demands because of the situations they told you they are facing. They also use this trick to make you not to expect things  from them.

3. She doesn’t want to involve family

A girl who is playing mind games with you will not tell you about her family neither your family. Someone who really loves you and want to get married to you will put effort for both of you to know each other’s family well to the extent of speaking to each other’s family members and visiting each other’s home. If she doesn’t want this, she is not real.

4. She does not care about your plans, ideas or decisions

When the girl says she has nothing to say when you tell her about decisions, ideas or plans then she is the wrong person you are wasting your time around.

A real girl will ask you questions about your decisions, ideas or plans and will be impressed about your decisions, plans or ideas when they are good. And when they are bad, she will not subscribe to them but will give you reasons why it should be the other way.

But if she totally says nothing about your decisions, ideas or plans or asks you to stop talking about them, then you should avoid her.

5. She does not care about her looks when meeting you

It is in the genes of women that whenever they want to meet someone special to them they do the best they could to look better for the man to see how beautiful they are. This is also a signal a woman will give her dream man to show that he is special to her.

6. She doesn’t show you respect

A woman who does not respect you does not have any good feelings for you. If she does, she will put up good behaviour and recognize you as her man. I can’t elaborate much on this. Disrespectfulness is nothing but just that. I guess you know what will make you say this girl does not respect.


Someone who really loves you can’t stay a moment without seeing you or hearing from you. Naturally, we want to see or hear from people we love so much every moment of our lives because their absence is nothing but hell.

When you are deeply into someone and the person does not equalize back the same way as you do, you are not doing yourself any good.

Love takes short time to develop. Hence, if it has taken more time and you still can’t see that in her then she will never love you. I will suggest you leave her and move on.

“The world is full of beautiful things that you will never see and experience until you go out into the world”.

I wish you best of luck.

Article by Adwoa a student of University Of Cape Coast, Ghana


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