A Ghanaian teacher has cautioned today’s youth especially ladies to refrain some practices which are highly destructive to a better future.

According to the Ghanaian teacher whose name is disclosed as Selase, youths of this generation indulge in some activities which to them is a modern lifestyle.

As a result, Selase has listed five (5) things which should not be practiced as an individual because they terminate better future.

Without taking much time, let us look at these 5 things Selase urges everyone never to practice.

1. Not giving life to Christ
Giving one’s life to God and doing according to what the scripture says has become a difficult thing for today’s youth to practice. Today’s youths lack knowledge of how powerful God is.

Giving life to Christ, serving and calling upon God for guidance makes you confident and successful in whatever you do, so I will encourage you to give your life to Christ now.

2. Sex trade
Offering sex for money and other material things has become a common practice amongst today’s youths especially among ladies.

Young people today want flashy lifestyle for themselves and since they are not financially equipped to provide for themselves items which will help live to that standard, they give out their bodies to men for money.

This is very bad and needs to be stopped. I will suggest you wait for the right time and concentrate on your education now. All other good things will come after you excel successfully.

3. Peer influence
Peer influence has been a common element of destruction to younger ones today. Youths today tend to listen to their peers because they spend most of their leisure times together.

Since children share thoughts all the time with friends, they likely get misled by their friends at some point.

I will suggest that the kind of things you learn and listen from your friends should be the positive ones. Anything which will pose danger and trouble to you should be avoided.

To know what is positive, you need to pause and think about whatever your friends do or tell you before you decide whether to practice them.

4. Indecent dressing
Bad dressing among young ladies has caused many rapes and many sex partners. The way we dress define us so I will suggest that we dress well to avoid any form of disaster that may come upon us.

5. Not listening to advise
Youths of nowadays think they are wise hence, they do not want to listen to advise from the elderly.

Whoever that fails to seek for knowledge and advise perishes, so I will advise individual to be humble and seek for wisdom.

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