It will surprise you 5 Things Everyone Does That Can Kill You Before Your Time

1. Love: Nothing hurts more than broken heart from the ones we truly love. Not even death. People commit suicide everyday because of love but in the case of death we hardly hear or see people kill themselves because they lose someone.

2. Spicy and Carbonated Foods/Drinks: These foods are silent killers that make you waste all your money fighting for health and later dying.

3. Not having enough sleep/rest: You think you’re working hard but i’m sorry to you’ll die soon and leave behind all that you’ve worked for.

4. Carelessness: You try to be extraordinary to show people how different you are? No! You’re not extraordinary. You’re digging your own grave. People living this kind of life die quick. For example; You’re in the capital cities of Africa and you try to be faster than cars. While everyone is trying patiently to wait for traffic’s red light or wait for the road to clear, you try to cross the road to show how good and smart you are in crossing roads, you’ll be nocked down by a careless driver too. Another instances are riding motorbike carelessly to show your skills on the highway, and unnecessary fights.

5. Trying to please everyone: As the old adage goes “If you to die quick, try pleasing everyone”. Sometimes when something is beyond your strength/limit, don’t force to do it. Even if you think you can but it is not worth it, DON’T DO IT. Listen To The Inner You First. If your heart and mind tells you to do it without any channel now or later, then you can go ahead to do it. Some people such as relatives are worth dying for, but remember human beings are naturally ungrateful. So be careful when trying to please everyone.

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