• Thu. May 26th, 2022

5 blind truths no one ever notices in life


Without wasting much time, below are some five (5) blind truths no ever notices but runs through our lives everyday:

1. Unhappy people want to make you unhappy, they smell weakness easily.

People who are unhappy always get their condition worsened when they see their neighbours happy. Hence, they feel comfortable around unhappy people than happy or successful neighbours.

2. The person who cares less has the most power in relationship, more attention, less affection.

In every relationship, the one who does not show care, affection and give a fuck about everything is the that is loved and chased most. This theory has worked for many people. Even if you are the ugliest creature you are likely to have your Beyoncé girlfriend or Justin Bieber boyfriend chasing you.

“Every guy/girl is chasing after me for a date! Why is John/Kate not giving me attention? Is he/she seeing someone better than me?”

This is going to drive your partner crazy and direct all the attention and affection to you.

All you need is to be clean and independent.

3. If some people don’t like you, you’re doing something great.

People always hate when they feel you are doing some greater, have better chances or simply looks better than them. Today I want to encourage you that when you enemies for no reason, never worry about them anymore.

4. That male bestie of her also wants to replace her boyfriend.

It is very true that a male bestie to a female also loves her and vise versa. Despite that “my bestie” thing, he or she truly loves you and loves you for real. The hardest truth.

5. Those people who say “No sex before marriage” also want to experience sex, just give them right person.

Be very careful of these people (NO SEX UNTIL MARIAGE). People who always bring up this idea also need sex but there are two (2) hidden truths about this:

A: He or She is simply scared you will misbehave or change your idea of marriage when you are given the milk too soon.

B: He or She is playing games. A player who wants to eat from your bank account comes with this idea. Research shows that we spend more on love mates we want to have sex with but not getting access, than those we have had sex with.

Be careful not to fall victim. If “no sex before wedding, then no spending before wedding”.

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