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According to wikipedia, ‘love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection, to the simplest pleasure”.

Research by popular Ghanaian female teacher and activist Selase showed that love as defined by wikipedia is as perfect as a 100% exams score.

However, she stated that both parties in relationships nowadays do not really experience the good keywords wikipedia defined love with.

According to Selase, in most relationships we see around today, its either the man is unfaithful or the woman.

Based on Selase’s research, below are some components which lead most men and women to be unfaithful in their relationships;

1. Unnecessary pressure

It has been explained by the activist cum teacher that, people in relationships sometimes talk too much. She broke this down into simpler units which indicated that men and women who always monitor and complain about the movements of their partners are likely to depreciate their partners’ love for them.

2. Sincerity

At least we have all grown to understand that good relationship is based on trust. However, if one of the parties in a relationship begins to do things such as lying and indulge in secrecy which shows dishonesty, the other person also pays back when all efforts to curb the situation fail.

Being honest to your partner is one key component that should not be underrated if you want to keep your partner and have good relationship.

3. Lack of support

In life, humans are prone to hard times. However, when these difficult times strike and your partner (someone you have trusted and given your heart and mind to) decides not to care about your needs either emotional, mental, financial or plans, you begin to feel unsafe.

Selase quoted a popular old adage from Ghanaian rapper “Sarkodie” song to support her statement; “Obia didi kɔ bɛbi a na so mu bɛ dwo no” which translates as “everyone feeds to where he/she will have peace of mind“. So if you do not care about your partner’s needs and someone else cares, your partner is likely to move to that direction.

4. Chronic cheats

Last but not least, Selase concluded that some people are chronic cheats. According to her, some men and women are naturally unfaithful hence they will cheat no matter how faithful or sincere you are to them. Selase has advised that you stay away from these people when you notice.

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