Pimples have been a barrier to many people’s smooth skin especially when it comes to face, chest, shoulders and back.

According to researches, it has been proven that pimples is hard to go completely in some people due to their hormonals factors.

However, there are simple tricks to prevent pimples from growing more or bigger on the faces and other parts of the body where you are likely to have them.

But before we look into these tricks, let us look at some common factors which you might have no idea are the causes of your heartbreaking pimples.

1. Stress: Stress is normally your body’s reactions to a challenge. Stress can come from things that make you feel frustrated, nervous or angry. Too much stress as a result of these factors can trigger pimples in some people.

2. Depression: Pimples are more likely to increase in times of depression. At this moment, no amount of remedy is able to cure or control the pimples unless the person gets over the depression. Depression is an intense stress.

3. Dirt: Scientifically, the human skin has pores which metabolic substances secrete. However, when these tiny holes called pores are sealed, oils which are supposed to excrete from the body within the day develop into pimples. Bacteria which harbour the skin pores also causes pimples.

How To Treat Or Prevent Pimples

1. Avoid stress
2. Avoid depression if you can
3. Have a clean and healthy skin

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