Even though mistakes are most often a seldom part of life. Though its effects may vary across different life perspectives, ages, gender and cross-cultural stands; some devastating and some adjustable as they lead on to great feats in life accomplishments. Blockbuster movies owners had the opportunity to buy into the Netflix platform, the owner refused as idea of not controlling the premier stores didn’t sell to him.

But few years down the line Blockbuster Films had to close down as they ran into bankruptcy as most online users preferred Netflix movies due to its easy access as opposed to going to blockbuster stores to buy movies. With less than ten (10) employees Netflix is a million dollar establishment with a skyrocketing stream flow. Assuming Blockbuster Films bought into the idea, they would have cut down their large workforce saving revenue and would have expanded their stream flow across all platforms.

In view of this there are still cankerous mistakes that dent a persons future for life and is impossible to go back on as they shut one’s vision for life and is unapologetic to maintaining a clean streak,  though tough and had to keep up.

They are as follows;

Being an adrenaline junkie ; Though it may be a cool thing to do high risks adventures among friends and peers during school vacation, exotic trips and get together.
It is advisable to stay low key and calculate one strengths based on surrounding circumstances. Consequently one has to know the hazards and take safety precautions on land fills before attempting leisurely trails. Sports men and women even go through massive fails which lead to career threatening injuries and deaths even on field of play.

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Being a spendthrift ; Though th44e lifestyle of the rich and famous is attractive and hypnotizing, but for the many of us whose budget line falls in the middle income earners spot. It is impossible to keep up with the high purchases of luxury cars, homes and exotic vacations by rich football players, actresses and actors, celebrities and wealthy people as their income flow match up with their expenditure. Many average income earners have lost their jobs, homes and sustainable livelihoods as they made unnecessary expenditures and borrowed a false lifestyle they were unable to keep up with.

I CAN DO IT ALL ; It is good to be an all rounded individual, but we must take note that we cant do it all (a sad fact though). The human body needs rest to refuel itself. Making time for family is key as they are majorly our help stream when in dire need.

By Rhosse Answer

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