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When we fall in love today, tomorrow you realize your partner is ignoring you. Most at times we become someone else leaving the real us somewhere due to the effects. We become totally different due to love. That is the nature of love. Love can affect us negatively or positively. But the saddest part of these two is that most at times we experience more of the negative side more than the positive. While some people enjoy the positive side of love, majority of people who go into it get affected negatively. If you tend to fall within the negative implications of love, here are 12 Things To Do Immediately When You Notice He or She Is Ignoring You :

  1. Stop calling/texting him/her immediately “Avoid double texting or calls”. It worsens your case.

  2. Stop viewing, liking, commenting his or her social media status updates. It worsens your case.

  3. Find someone cute to talk to immediately and make your new friendship with the person visible on social media with lovely caption.

  4. Bath/shower twice every day, eat well (You don’t know refreshed you feel after bathing when depressed), watch movies, listen to good music (avoid love songs), go out with friends, sleep.

  5. Look good: Go to the salon and a nice hair style or cut. Dress well, Smell good and Smile.

  6. Stop explaining yourself to everyone. Not everyone needs your story. STOP telling everyone your story. When you are broken hearten and you tell your story to people you feel better, but later it hurts more when you realize you shouldn’t have say it.

  7. Find what you’re good at happy or makes you happy, do them and post on social media.

  8. Avoid self-defeating talks on your social media. Avoid broken heart and sad posts.

  9. Avoid his/her calls for a while when he/she starts calling. He or she begins to worry when you don’t answer his or her calls. This rebuilds love back in him/her.

  10. Make sure you’re active online to prove to him someone is keeping you online: He/she will wonder who’s keeping u online, he’ll relate this to that beautiful lady/guy you post on regular basis and start to get jealous.

  11. Exercise: Exercise is an all-natural treatment to fight depression. You don’t know how your brain and heart comes to normal during and after exercise. You don’t need to go the gym to lift all stuffs there. Just something your strength permits. But this is a long-term treatment, not a onetime fix. “Pick something you can sustain over time and do it until you think you’re anywhere close to f*ck you ? bitch”.

  12. If you don’t need him/her again, ignore him/her for good and move on. But if you think you should try again, start answering his/her calls/text slowly. Don’t answer first calls. Try the second or third one. Don’t be quick in answering his/her calls. When you answer, don’t ask about his/her misbehaviour. Keep that to yourself and let him/her confess or feel quilt 24/7. That will probably stop him/her from such act whenever he/she tries getting on that track again. For the first time, give answers only to his/her reasonable questions to give. That gives him/her self explanatory signals.


Next time don’t be die hard lover. No one cares about you. In a relationship one is always a devil and one an angel. If you find yourself to be the devil, lucky you, but if you’re the angel, BE CAREFUL.

If your partner/friend misbehave, he/she is likely to do worse next time after he/she comes back as a changed person so be careful so you’re not fooled the second time.

It is always good to love and die for love, but when you realize it is not worth it, advice yourself ASAP.

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