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Here are the real tiny secrets and reasons why we don’t make it in the music industry. An artiste manager said; some managers are just wicked. They won’t tell you the truth until you sign contract. Managers will never tell you these truths and facts until they sign you and you start making money for them.


An artiste manager advised his artiste after his contract ended with him and was about to be freed. After the artiste learned from what his master told him, he became a successful independent, professional and international artiste on his own without a manager.

We will talk about this artiste in the end part of this article. His bio, achievements and advise he gave to upcoming artiste. We all know this artiste. But before that, here are the 10 advises his boss gave him which helped him to become an independent and a popular artiste who has also been able to open a record label where he manages himself and other artistes. The reasons why some underground artistes are not making it are many. Lets take a look at the 10 advises from an expect.


1. Trying to get praises from friends when you record a song. This is one key factor why you are always where you are and not moving forward. Avoid expecting praises from friends when you make a song. These praises make you feel you are good while sometimes you are really not. Some people give you fake good comments just to make you feel okay. Others give good comments just to make you not think or suspect they are envious of your thing. Some also know very well you are not good or there are many mistakes in your song that needs to be corrected but they still give you good comments because they don’t want to destroy your career or make you feel bad or discouraged and quit.

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The artiste narrated;

My boss always told me I could do better even when everything sounded perfect. My boss will be like “This part is…” “But you, let’s maintain it like that. Do it better next time”. These kinds of comments always kept me working harder and harder every day. And guess what? I became better than anybody around.

This trick of “no-praise my boss used has made me what I am today and all I’ve made today is because I was not made to feel I was better than everyone. I enjoyed a praise once in a long time. That was the saddest part, but it helped me! My never praised me and I thought he was gonna sack me one-day so I worked harder. That was what kept me learning each day. Now I have my BETs and other awards.

I had other team mates. We never enjoyed praises from the beginning until my first contract was about to end. I thought my boss was gonna sack me, but in the end when he saw that I was fully matured, he told me I have been the best ever.

When I finished packing everything from my boss’s camp and was about leaving, my boss said once again; “Remember, rule no.1, No Praises“. And then it was a bye!

2. The biggest mistake is, most upcoming artistes of today want to…

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